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Top Dividend Yield Mutual Funds in India

Dividend yield funds invest in high dividend paying stocks and companies with better cash flows. Such companies deliver good results across business and economic cycles and exhibit very little volatility. Currently, valuations of many large companies are very low, and consequently, their yields are high. Dividend yield mutual funds contain declines better than pure diversified funds during market corrections. Investors looking to earn returns through a portfolio of companies that have a high dividend yield can consider these funds. Dividend yield funds are suited for investors who are looking for some capital appreciation in rising markets, but want to cushion themselves in falling markets.  Dividend yield funds have consistently outperformed Nifty as well as other equity categories.

The best dividend yield funds are from UTI and Birla fund houses.

FUND AUM (Rs Cr) 1mo 3mo 6mo 1yr 2yr 3yr 5yr
UTI Dividend Yield Fund 3439.18 -1.8 -5.3 -11 -16 2 24.8 12.9
Birla SL Dividend Yield 994.09 -4.7 -8.3 -13 -17 3.2 26.7 12.1
ING Dividend Yield 96.72 -1.2 -4 -9.7 -15 3.7 30.7 13.2
Tata Dividend Yield Fund 235.77 -3.3 -5.3 -11 -15 5.6 29.2 11.4
BNP Paribas Dividend Yield 12.31 -2.3 -8.4 -11 -15 1.5 23.6 8.3
Principal Dividend Yield 105.2 -4.9 -9.6 -17 -26 -3.6 19 3.9


Data as of Dec 23, 2011.

Ranking rewards consistency over volatility.


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